Visiting Dillingham School District

Visiting dillingham school districtRecently I had the opportunity to visit Dillingham, Alaska and meet with the Dillingham School District leadership to discuss the new website we are creating for them. I learned early in my trip, that living in Dillingham is an adventure in and of itself! I also realized what an important part the school district is to that adventure and how it strives daily to serve the needs of the community.

Dillingham middle/high school
Dillingham Middle/High School

I love spending time with our customers. When I visit with them I’m able to not only learn about the goals they have for their website projects, but I’m able to share in their unique Alaskan stories, and that makes it one of my favorite things about my chosen career! And spending time with the wonderful folks in Dillingham was no exception, it was a great trip. One of my personal goals with the trip was to jump in the Bering Sea but for some reason I never built up the courage or energy to dive in! I know, I’m a wimp, but the Barrow polar bear plunge will have to do for this year.

Andrew berkoski
Andrew Berkoski

I wanted to just take a moment and thank the school district for the opportunity to visit and especially to Andrew Berkoski for being a gracious host. In between meetings, Andrew drove me out to the village of Aleknagik and it really made me want to come back and float these lakes and explore this beautiful country. One thing I realized for sure is that living expenses are high in these remote villages! I went into N&N to buy a small ice cream and it was cheaper to get a whole half gallon – so I went for it. Nothing like pounding down a $10.00 1/2 gallon of Dreyer’s ice cream! Well, it was a weak moment and I will make up for it in the gym…really. 🙂

I suppose I better stop writing about the adventure of the trip and get to work designing the new website. Having the opportunity to meet their leadership team in person and experience the culture of the district has gone a long way towards arming me with what our team needs to make this a successful project! Thanks, Dillingham School District!

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Joe Law

P.S. Keep in mind that our team is glad to fly out to meet with your organization pretty much anywhere in the state.