Are you neglecting the images on your website?
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Are you neglecting the images on your website?

Our Sundog team designs dozens of websites every year, and in our experience, many clients underestimate the value of great quality images – often providing old, small, or blurry photos that repeat throughout their pages, or they license stock photos that don’t enhance their brand or truly represent their products and services. Choosing the correct…

Quality photos & videos – we’ve got options for you
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Quality Photos & Videos – We’ve Got Options For You

A great website requires great images! While updating your photos can be a great way to improve the look of your website and keep it current, securing high-resolution, quality photos and videos is often a challenge for our website customers. We love to use your own photos, since those really tell your story best, as…

Google my business

Google My Business

Have you ever wondered why some businesses appear on the right side of the screen when you do a search on Google? And, maybe you’ve also noticed that your own business is not showing on that precious screen real estate. Chances are you haven’t set up your Google My Business Listing. We’ve got the answers…

Keeping it fresh!

Keeping it Fresh!

Website content that makes your clients hungry for more. It’s spring, sort of, and everyone is ready for something fresh.  Fresh air, fresh food, fresh bread, or maybe even a fresh start.  Nothing beats “fresh” for making most anything healthier and happier.  Yank open any refrigerator door and in only a few seconds you decide…


Mobile Friendly Conversion & Design Improvements

Has it been a couple of years, maybe more since your website had a refresh?  Was your site designed and built before mobile friendly was so important?  If this sounds like you, then our mobile friendly conversion and design improvements project might just be perfect. WHAT’S INCLUDED 1. BRAND NEW SITE First, you need to…

Sundog hosting – why topnotch hosting is crucial
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Sundog Hosting – Why Topnotch Hosting is Crucial

It may surprise you to know that not all website hosting is equal.  Imagine living in a high-rise apartment complex in a bad neighborhood, versus a new single-family home with great views of the mountain, located in a superb neighborhood.  The neighborhood you choose often determines your level of security. Sundog Media utilizes dedicated, high-quality…